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ECT awarded CMA-F authorized testing facility of food

  • TIME: 2013-02-20
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ECT was awarded the certification of food testing facility by Beijing Technology Supervision Bureau on March 26th. According to "Food Safety Act" and "Food Safety Application Regulations" in the Republic of China, our testing center has gained the required conditions and capability of testing food products such as tea and related products. ECT is the second testing facility in Beijing who is capable to carry testing for tea products.

CMA-F is the short form for "The China Metrology Accreditation for Food".The system of certifying the food testing facilities is established based on therequirement "food testing authorities are able to ca盯Y out testing activities offood products after certified by national regulations" in "Food Safety Act". Thecertification system of food testing authorities is applied for ensuring food safety in China, so it has great meaning that the supervision on the food testing facilities is enhanced.



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