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The Meeting to Release Results Generated from The Comparison Test of Infants Clothes held by Beijing Consumers' Association

  • TIME: 2013-02-20
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The meeting to release results generated from the Comparison Test of Infants Clothes was held by Beijing Consumers'Association (BCA) in Beijing on May 8th, 2012. Jianhui Qu- the Vice Secretary from BCA, Gang Luo - Director of SocialSupervision and Consumption Guide from BCA and the senior engineer from our testing center Hong Yu had attended the meeting. The invited organizations are the places where the testing samples purchased from by BCA, which included department stores, supermarkets and open markets in Beijing area, as well as representatives for platforms of on line shopping & infants/children clothes brands.


The major problems identified by this comparison test: Inadequate labels and content information and colour fastness are the main items that lead to the failure in the quality of products. These failed testing items have been the primary quality issue in the infants/children clothes for years, and the problem of colour fading is harmful for the infants skin and will possibly damage health of infants/children during their growth; At the same time other testing items such as pH value, content of Aldehyde and Azo dyes were identified as defective, especially a number of products were found containing Azo dyes which are clearly banned in textiles. Beijing Consumers' Association requires the distributors to strength the procedure of quality control. In addition, BCA announced that the report of the comparison test of infants clothes will be published on the official website of Consumers' Association and other authorized media.


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