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ECT is invited to participate in the formulation of 《Internet marketing operating specifications》

  • TIME: 2012-08-20
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According to " The first batch of domestic trade industry standard project plan in 2012 " quoted from the business circulation letter [2012]195 "General Office of the Ministry of Commerce issued in 2012 the first batch of circulation industry standard project plans.", which was signed by Ministry of Commerce in the People's Republic of China stipulates: 《Internet marketing operating specifications》 is going to be revised and amended by the drafting units: Commercial center of quality and technology, Beijing Electronic Commerce Association in 2012. This standard will be utilized as mandatory technical regulations.ECT center is one of the drafting units for this standard.


According to the requirements of Ministry of Commerce in 2012 the first batch of industry standard plan (Business circulation letter [2012]76), the revision of the fourth project 《Internet marketing operating specifications》(Draft for Soliciting Opinions) has to be started.
“Draft for Soliciting Opinions” is published on Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China official website:http://ltfzs.mofcom.gov.cn/aarticle/swfg/swfgbl/201208/20120808284774.html
The first seminar for 《Internet marketing operating specifications》( Draft for Soliciting Opinions ) is going to be held by ECT center and Commerce center of quality and technology on September 20th in Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone Fung large Kokusai Hotel (notice attached). The industry experts and all units are welcomed to attend in the seminar.

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