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Textiles / Feather and Down Products Laboratory
Textiles laboratory, set up as the company's first laboratory, specializes in the test of textiles, feather and down Products. The laboratory has a number of advanced equipments and experienced professionals. ECT has provided the most valuable testing services for many merchants and enterprises in China and abroad over the years.

As the authorized testing laboratory of China Chamber of Commerce, and the appointed laboratory by Beijing Consumer Association and Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau of Beijing, it has a strong and wide testing capacity. It can provide the testing services for textiles, feather and down products, garments according to the various standards, such as China national standards, industry standards and international standards. Once test, all over the world.

Testing Range
·Head Band/hair Accessories/elastics
·Leather Products
·Home Textiles/furnishing
·Christmas Stocking
·Garment Accessories
·Accessories (Zipper, Button Etc.)

Testing Items
·Colourfastness Tests
·Dimensional Stability & Related Tests
·Fiber Analysis
·Physical Performance & Related Tests
·Flammability Test
·Feather /down & Thermal Test
·Garment Accessories Test
·Eco-textiles Tests
·Recommend/verify care label
Specific test items
Color Fastness
⊙Washing ⊙Rubbing (dry,wet) ⊙Water
⊙Saliva ⊙Light ⊙Dry Cleaning
⊙Perspiration ⊙Dry heat ⊙Hot press
⊙Chlorine ⊙Chlorine bleaching ⊙Scrub Physical properties
⊙Tensile strength ⊙Tearing strength ⊙Seam slippage 
⊙Seam strength ⊙Bursting strength ⊙Thickness 
⊙Abrasion resistance ⊙Fabric density ⊙Weight
⊙Pilling resistance ⊙Yarn strength  ⊙Skewness
⊙Yarn count⊙Moisture Regain ⊙Width
⊙Appearance after washing

Dimensional Stability
⊙After washing ⊙After dry-cleaning
⊙Air permeability ⊙Water vapor permeability ⊙Flammability
⊙Water repellency ⊙Water resistance- Hydrostatic pressure, Rain test
⊙Static test
Chemical properties
⊙pH Value ⊙Fiber content ⊙Azo dyes
⊙Formaldehyde Content ⊙Heavy metals
Other test
1、UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor)
2、UV transmittance
3、Care Label Recommendation
4、Garment Size Measurement
5、Color Difference Assessment
Test items related to environmental protection textiles
1、Formaldehyde Content
2、PH Value
3、AZO Dye Analysis 4、Heavy Metals Content
5、Allergenous Disperse Dyes
6、Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
7、Phthalates Content
8、Total Lead content
9、Total Cadmium Content

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