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Leather/ Fur/ Footwear/ Box Testing Laboratory
The leather and shoes testing laboratory of ECT can perform the related tests according to the various standards of different countries and regions, such as China, United States, EU, Canada, U.K. etc. Its testing capacity covers the fields of the leather, shoes and box etc.

As the designated laboratory of the commodity inspection in the commodity circulation field,it can provide the testing scope including material identification, colourfastness, tensile/tearing strength, formaldehyde content, substance dichloromethane extracted, Azo dyestuff, toxic substance etc.

Testing Items
·Leather(natural leather / synthetic materials)
·Footwear (athletic Shoe,sandal)
·Suitcase and accessories

Services provided
·Material Identification
·Hardness Test
·Aging Test
·Temperature Resistance Test
·Corrosion Resistance Test
·Colour Fastness test
·Packaging Test
·Heavy Metal Content
·Lead/cadmium Content
·Loading Test
·Safety Test
·Drop test

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